There are enough challenges in life: Don’t be the obstacle to your own success! One thing you can easily do to achieve this?

Read our writers’ guidelines before submitting.

Our Mission and Audience

Here at Without Boxes, we’re committed to turning obstacles into opportunities. Our platform offers a supportive community for storytellers like you to share life’s stumbles, stalls, setbacks, and successes. Your stories offer advice and encouragement to others seeking to take positive risks and enact change in their own lives. We aim to provide insights from writers who are diverse in thought, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic levels, and more.

Each month, thousands of readers from all sorts of backgrounds visit Without Boxes. The two things they all share in common? They want to learn more and they seek positive changes in both their lives and in others’. Without Boxes provides them with strong role models, like you, to help them navigate their journeys.

Articles We’re Looking For

Without Boxes publishes fresh, uplifting content from new and experienced writers. Articles should shed new light on issues, offer solutions to problems, and challenge societal norms in an engaging way. What makes Without Boxes so special? Our authors’ stories are personal and they engage readers in real, thought-provoking ways. You must have a personal connection to your post.

Articles We Won’t Publish

We get quite a few article submissions, and unfortunately we are unable to accept most of them. Why? Because we don’t publish articles about businesses, products, or services. You are welcome to be a business owner and offer services and products, but it should not be a part of your Without Boxes post! Instead, your pitch and final article should be related to your personal challenges and what it took to overcome them.

Once your article is published on Without Boxes, you will be provided with an author box where you can include one link to your website.

If you are interested in more visible promotional opportunities, we do have sponsorships available for you! Please learn more on our advertisers page.

We do not accept pieces that use racist, homophobic, or sexist language, nor do we accept pieces that invoke hatred, target specific populations in harmful ways, or use offensive speech of any kind. Pieces that support specific political candidates, have been already been published, offer generic travel advice/life hacks, or contain misleading or erroneous information will not be published. Please cite your sources.

How to Submit Your Article Idea

We love ideas! While we’re open to ideas, we are committed to telling your story in full. Specifically, we prefer three post pledges. Once you pitch us your idea, we’ll help you transform it into a compelling written series that others can learn from.

A pitch is a brief (2–3 paragraphs) overview on what you hope to write about. We typically respond to pitches within one week of receiving them.

To get started, send us your pitch via email. Here are our submission rules:

  1. Include “pitch” in the subject line. Example: Without Boxes Pitch: How I sold everything and now live on a boat
  2. Submit your pitch in the message of the email. Hard copy or audio pitches are not accepted at this time.
  3. Submit pitches to:

Here are some tips to writing a strong pitch:

  • Choose a single focus that relates personally to you. Is it a trip you took? A job change you made? A person you met? Keep it simple. If you have many stories to tell, we’ll be happy to have you on again! But focus on one idea at a time.
  • Tell us your aha! moment. Let us know the impact this story had on you, and what you think others can glean from it.
  • Show us how your story relates to living without boxes. Our mission is to teach people how to turn obstacles into opportunity, so make sure this is abundantly clear in your pitch.
  • Tell us about yourself. Briefly introduce yourself and include contact information.

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