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Announcing the Launch of Renegade Radio: Without Boxes Storytelling Podcast

Announcing the Launch of Renegade Radio: Without Boxes Storytelling Podcast

Without Boxes is proud to announce the launch of Renegade Radio! In this Summer 2017 edition we will post eight insightful interviews from people all over the world to hear about how they challenge the status quo in everyday life.

The debut episode, Chance Encounters is now available for streaming.

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Our inspirational podcast goes live on Monday!

We at Without Boxes are thrilled to announce we are finally ready to launch the summer series of Renegade Radio on July 10th, 2017.

This will be a weekly podcast featuring interviews with amazing individuals from all walks of life, to discuss different topics we all deal with at one point or another. Week one will feature Without Boxes founder Anne Dorko to talk about chance encounters and how tiny moments in our life can make such a huge difference.

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Our New Inspirational Podcast Is in the Works

Our New Inspirational Podcast Is in the Works

Kat is working on launching Renegade Radio (working title), our new podcast to feature people breaking the status quo – therefore becoming renegades from society’s seemingly endless boxes.

In this show, we are diving in to understand exactly what helps people make the decision to start living without boxes. This will be done in the form of conversational interviews, which we hope will be motivational for you. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things has always inspired us!

Yesterday, we recorded our first dry-run on what one of these podcasts might be like. We discussed “Chance Encounters” and how they play a role in our lives by shaping everything we’ve become in ways we never could have predicted at the time.

For example, a micromanaging manager at an unstable job led me to quit and go on a road trip, during which I CouchSurfed with someone in Austin who took me to a fun bar. Later I moved to Austin because I had such a great experience, and frequented that same bar. There, I met someone who took me galavanting around the world. During that trip I chose a random hostel in New Zealand to volunteer in, where I met the girl who inspired me to move to Germany.

If anything in that lineups of chance encounters hadn’t happened, my life would be wildly and immeasurably different.

Kat and I believe that by exploring real-life stories, we can help you learn how to create catalyst moments in your own life and challenge your own status quo. Meanwhile, we’re looking for more inspiring people to interview and share their stories on Renegade Radio. If you know someone inspiring, please connect us.

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Stay up to date with our progress at Without Boxes

Without Boxes is a positive media project to help you challenge the status quo. Believe it or not, Kat and I have been working on clarifying its message and goals since 2014. (I originally launched it as a personal site to share my own stories back in 2012.) Finally, over the last six months, we’ve finished building out our specific plans for achieving those goals through storytelling.

Since everything has been behind the scenes, we are introducing news articles to share all the progress we’re making!

Like this kickass new logo.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve introduced:

  • A new logo
  • A new tagline
  • A new website design
  • Updated messaging to reflect our intentions
  • This news section!

Coming soon, you’ll start seeing all the other things we’ve been working on coming to light. We’ve got some kickass interviews lining up, a podcast in the works, and much much more.

Here in the news section, we’ll keep you up to speed on our progress. Can’t wait to see you around!

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