Kat is working on launching Renegade Radio (working title), our new podcast to feature people breaking the status quo – therefore becoming renegades from society’s seemingly endless boxes.

In this show, we are diving in to understand exactly what helps people make the decision to start living without boxes. This will be done in the form of conversational interviews, which we hope will be motivational for you. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things has always inspired us!

Yesterday, we recorded our first dry-run on what one of these podcasts might be like. We discussed “Chance Encounters” and how they play a role in our lives by shaping everything we’ve become in ways we never could have predicted at the time.

For example, a micromanaging manager at an unstable job led me to quit and go on a road trip, during which I CouchSurfed with someone in Austin who took me to a fun bar. Later I moved to Austin because I had such a great experience, and frequented that same bar. There, I met someone who took me galavanting around the world. During that trip I chose a random hostel in New Zealand to volunteer in, where I met the girl who inspired me to move to Germany.

If anything in that lineups of chance encounters hadn’t happened, my life would be wildly and immeasurably different.

Kat and I believe that by exploring real-life stories, we can help you learn how to create catalyst moments in your own life and challenge your own status quo. Meanwhile, we’re looking for more inspiring people to interview and share their stories on Renegade Radio. If you know someone inspiring, please connect us.

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Image credits: Kai Oberhäuser