Episode 20

Balance Intuition and Intellect

Jul 2, 2019


Kat Franchino


Rio Holaday

“Don’t say no to yourself: Make other people say no to you.


What I mean by that is, there are so many ways that we hold ourselves back – so many external factors that hold us back. Whether that is systemic suppression around race, gender, income, other. Whether that is social ways of measuring ourselves, like I have to do X job or meet X milestones. So on and so forth. There’s so much going against us, that the internalized beliefs or internal doubts – like “I’m not qualified,” or “I could never do that.”


Those are the things that should not be standing in the way of you and the possibility of your best life, whatever that is. Other people will say no to you, but make them say no to you! Give them something to say no to.” – Rio Holaday

Rio Holaday joins Without Boxes to talk about her experiences as a facilitator and graphic recorder, and how she balances both intuition and intellect in her career and personal life. You’ll learn a little bit about listening to others to hear their truth, and then looking inwardly to find your own.

Once you can find it, you’ll start to see things a bit more clearly: Your fears, your unique strengths, and start to uncover what to do with the moments that are defining your life right now. You might just find that you’ll be able to create your own special way of existing in the world by being the best version of yourself.


Interview Topics

  • Facilitation
  • Body language
  • Graphic recording
  • Pieces of the truth
  • Diversity
  • Public listening
  • Deepest fears
  • Unique perspectives
  • Self-identification
  • Brain versus body
  • Defining success
  • Life-changing moments
  • Depression
  • Unique strengths

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