Episode 22

Care for Caregivers

Jul 16, 2019


Kat Franchino


Aisha Adkins

“Empower yourself with information and positive self talk. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to challenge anyone, to step up – because if you don’t, no one will.” – Aisha Adkins

Aisha Adkins joins us to discuss the importance of caregiving, and share her experiences as a millennial caregiver. It seems that so often, caregiving goes unseen. This means many caregivers do not have the resources they need at their disposal, which can be harmful for them and those whom they are helping!

Most of us care for and in turn are cared for at some point in our lives. Do you consider yourself a caregiver? Have a listen in to learn more about caring for our world’s caregivers.

Interview Topics

  • What is a caregiver?
  • Caregiving and digital media
  • Millennial caregivers
  • Lack of representation
  • Inaccessible resources
  • Feeling isolated
  • Self-identification
  • Obsession with youth
  • Stigma of needing help
  • Unseen caregivers
  • Health care system
  • Finding community
  • Priorities

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