Episode 16

Look Past First Impressions

Jun 4, 2019


Kat Franchino


Gen Pintel

“I think maybe it’s our own survival, too, learning how to judge people. But I think breaking [first impressions] is also important. Think [about] how you might judge someone and then kind of questioning it, too.”

Gen works with bats, snakes, and all manner of so-called scary animals. Her personal mission is to help destigmatize the fear people have for these creatures. The lessons she’s learned along the way apply to anything in life, including how we interact with and get to know other people.

Whether simply sharing photographs, telling stories, or even creating interactive games, learning to see from the perspective of someone else can help you leave behind unnecessary fear and lead a more fulfilling life.


Interview Topics

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Overcoming stigma
  • Social narratives
  • The “Bambi Effect”
  • First impression elements
  • Storytelling as a tool

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