Episode 21

Manage Unconventional Success

Jul 9, 2019


Kat Franchino


Mischa McGill

As I started [live streaming] more, I really found a passion for it… surprisingly, because even though I wasn’t impacting change in the way I thought I would by going to law school and getting into the criminal justice system.


I was still making people’s days better by making them a little less anxious or just providing a comfy space for them to hang out in.” – Mischa McGill

Mischa McGill a.k.a. “MischaCrossing” joins us to discuss her experiences in achieving and managing unconventional success in her career as a content creator. She’s always had a desire to impact change, and by pursuing her interests and passions ended up building a career path she hadn’t ever planned for. 

Her story highlights what is possible when you focus on what you’re good at and offer those unique strengths in a way that helps others. Learn more about the ins and outs of Mischa’s journey to find out which elements of her success can inspire you in your own life.

Interview Topics

  • Live streaming
  • Self-employment
  • Building communities
  • Hobbies as jobs
  • Impacting change
  • Day in the life of a content creator
  • Developing deep connections
  • Constant learning
  • Being genuine
  • Self-criticism
  • Defining success
  • Creative industry
  • Finding inspiration

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