Episode 23

Migration and the Importance of Our Narratives

Jul 30, 2019


Kat Franchino


Roxana Bendezú

“It is very important that people who have already migrated have a dignified life wherever they go. So if they happen to be in your community, it is our responsibility to collaborate and do whatever we can do for their wellbeing. ” – Roxana Bendezú

Migration can be a hot topic and sorely misunderstood. What causes migration? What are the stories behind migration? How do we best support migrants?

Roxana Bendezú shares her perspective and story on the matter to shed light on this difficult topic. We encourage you to have a listen – you may be surprised at what you learn.

Interview Topics

  • Concept of narratives
  • Migration
  • Immigration
  • Unjust migration laws
  • Self-identity
  • Root causes of migration
  • Living with dignity
  • Working with youth
  • Speaking to experience
  • Importance of rest
  • Reducing consumption
  • Elevate voices of migrants

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