Episode 17

Validate Your Experiences

Jun 11, 2019


Kat Franchino


Lena Chen

“You can have all of the support of everyone in the world and you can still feel very alone in your experience because you are the one going through it. Don’t judge yourself for how you feel because you are literally not in control of all the physical sensations or emotional experiences that your body is going through when you encounter trauma. It literally changes our brains, our senses. It changes our perceptions of the world. And understand that this state is temporary and that it’s not something that lasts forever. It’s like a sustained bad mushroom trip.” – Lena Chen

Lena Chen joins us today to discuss her experience healing from traumas and the innate human need to validate a traumatic experience. The healing process can be tricky, as often it takes time to realize just how impacted you were by an experience. And of course, that process will look different for everybody. Thankfully, there is hope. You are certainly not alone, and you have everything you need to heal on your side.

You’ll have to learn how to trust yourself and your intuition. Lena reminds us all that the pain will not last forever.


Interview Topics

  • Seeking validation
  • Self-healing
  • Feeling isolated
  • Trusting yourself
  • The physical impact of trauma

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