Share Your Story

Live differently. That’s our motto.

We’ve featured girls hitchhiking abroad, guys living with no money on a boat, and folks who sew their own clothes. Their stories have inspired us, but we can’t get enough of interesting stories about people living outside the box.

What’s your story?

You have a story. Whether you think it’s interesting or not, we want to hear it. We want you to dig deep and really see what it is you do that breaks the mold.

(Struggling to find what that is? Email us for inspiration.)

Write the story of what you’re doing differently. Or what you want to be doing differently. Then… send it to us. And, let us know if we can share it with the rest of our readers.

What happens to your story? Well, we get it in our email inbox. That way we can get to know you better and help you stay accountable to your dreams as time goes on! It also helps you to put it all in writing. If you’re interested in getting support from the other readers of the blog, just check the box that indicates you’re interested in having your story shared in a blog post! We’re looking forward to reading your tale.