Live differently.

Live differently.

Most people spend their lives trying to follow pre-determined steps to success, love and happiness.

Our goal is to help you break out of the box. Live differently.

What do we do here?
Get inspired.

We're here to get you excited about your own life. Dream of the possibilities. Go big. Think outside the box. What are you waiting for?

Get support.

Living differently often means defending the way you live your life. We are here to have your back in the face of the nay-sayers.

Get answers.

Alternative solutions aren't always easy. We want to help you ask questions, get answers and advice from those who have gone before you.

Motivational Stories & Game Changing Ideas
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Behind the Scenes
Without Boxes
Anne Dorko

Anne is the founder of Without Boxes, and spends her time traveling, learning, writing, singing, and photographing what she sees.

Without Boxes
Kat Franchino

Kat is a full-time nonprofit worker, part-time freelance writer/photographer and a terrible bed maker.