Live differently.

The Without Boxes project is a blog, community, and starting point for people who want to live differently.

The Project

Anne Dorko founded this project after taking her first steps towards lifestyle freedom in 2012 by quitting her career and living out of her car to explore the USA on an open-ended roadtrip.

Along the way, she met and befriended Kat Franchino. The two found they had a lot in common, and realized how much the rest of their generation seemed to be floundering in a quarter-life crisis that drives us into a terrible apathy and lack of direction.

Since then the two have joined efforts to keep building and driving the growth of this project to help offer some direction and inspiration for those who need it.

Getting Involved

Without Boxes aims to equip you with the tools, direction, and motivation to make the most out of your life in a time when nothing is certain.

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