Failed Resolutions: Brace Yourself For Disappointment in 2013


Anne Dorko

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2 Responses

  1. Annie- If you do end up starting to learn Portuguese, or going to Brazil, I just thought that I would inform you, in case you didn’t know, that my best friend’s entire family speaks the language, and pretty much everyone on his mother’s side lives in Brazil. Just in case that is at all useful.

  2. avatar Elena Jacob says:

    I’m not sure how relevant it is, but this post reminded me of this other post: which was awesome, and deeply inspiring. I love finding things like this, and like your post, that remind you what you’re doing, and why.

    I haven’t quite fleshed out my resolutions for 2013, but it’s something I’m working on, and something I’m gaining more clarity on as the days go by. Exercise is definitely one of them, eating right, and of course, writing. I just need to pick more specific goals for these fields and figure out how I’m going to gauge my success. :D

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